Tectonic offers carefully selected, high-potential exploration properties. Following an extensive compilation, most of the available properties have undergone at least one phase of fieldwork and in-house target verification performed. The fieldwork is part of the evaluation and selection process for each property.

The available properties cover a wide range of commodities and exploration targets, as well as various exploration stages.

Let us know your needs and we will be happy to propose a number of properties to fulfill your requirements.

Property: Kill Bill (Cu-Zn-Au)

Zone Historical, Icon zone
NTS-Area 32I13. Chibougamau area.
Grade 1.99%Cu, 13.60%Zn, 0.22%Pb, 80.7ppm Ag, 0.49g/t/Au over 0.85m
Status Available for option
Propriété : Kill Bill

Property: Kan (Zn-Pb-Cu-Au)

Zone New boulder
NTS-Area 24F06-24F11. Labrador Trough.
Grade 12.23%Zn, 2.29%Pb, 80ppm Ag, 0.35g/t/Au (boulder). 4.62g/t/Au/8m (ddh)
Status Available for option
Propriété : Kan

Property: Black River

Zone Aligas (2021)
NTS-Area 32H01, 32A16. Lake St-Jean area.
Grade 0.28%TREE
Status Available for option

Property: Lebel (exhalative Au)

Zone Historical
NTS-Area 32F02. Lebel-sur-Quevillon area.
Grade 0.694g/t Au over 2.49m in exhalite
Status Available for option

Property: Frederickson (Zn-Cu-Ag-Au)

Zone Historical
NTS-Area 23O01. Labrador Trough.
Grade Historical resources: 279 400t@0.77%Cu, 4.38%Zn, 42ppmAg and 0.69ppmAu
Status Available for option

Property: Copper Chase (Cu-Zn-Au)

Zone Historical
NTS-Area 35F09. Ungava.
Grade 1.47%Cu, 0.38%Zn over 19.77m (ddh)
Status Available for option

Property: Lac Edouard (Ni-Cu, past producer)

Zone Open pit
NTS-Area 31P09. La Tuque area.
Grade 34 259t@1.55%Ni, 0.50%Cu. Remaining ore.
Status Available