In Québec, we mainly provide services to exploration companies that have acquired one of our properties. Outside the province, our service offer is open to all.

Project evaluation

Tectonic has a solid background in project evaluation, especially at the early project stage. We are experienced in contacting local stakeholders and obtaining their assistance in visiting areas of interest.


Prospecting : it’s in our blood! Whether performed in parallel to a project evaluation or an established exploration play, Tectonic excels in basic prospecting and in ground follow-up of geochemical, geophysical and remote sensing anomalies.

Ground follow-up of airborne EM conductors

For ground follow-up of airborne EM conductors, we use both the Geonics’ VLF EM-16 and the Intrumentation GDD Inc. Beep Mat. This method is extremely efficient where overburden is relatively shallow.

Drone surveys

Having conducted more than a hundred drone flights in some of the most forbidding terrain on Earth, Tectonic is well qualified to offer drone survey  services on your properties.


Formation Ressources Tectonic

Tectonic offers training sessions to your overseas staff. Our training sessions are tailored to your staff’s capabilities and cover various aspects of exploration fieldwork.