Having conducted more than a hundred drone flights in some of the most forbidding terrain on Earth, Tectonic is well qualified to offer drone survey services on your properties.

Exploration is a constant exercise in starting over! One of the first tasks we perform after acquiring a property is compile and relocate historical work. This can be a difficult task with pre-GPS era data and maps.

A drone survey helps locate and georeference old stripped areas and trenches, drill pads and old picket lines. In addition to historical work, the survey locates old and new accesses, water sources for drilling and outcropping areas. Over rough terrain, generated DEM helps pinpoint structural features. In desert areas, the generated images can generally be used to directly map rock units and alterations and can be used as a surface layer in a 3D drill model.

The eBee is launched manually and controlled by a pre-established flight plan. Here is a video of a drone launch from the Lundin Mining Corporation’s Candelaria Mine area, in northern Chile.