Project generator since 2003

The next discovery awaits here

Project generator since 2003

The next discovery awaits here

Project generator since 2003

The next discovery awaits here


Jean is a geology engineer with over 35 years of practical experience in mining exploration, particularly in project generation, prospecting and reconnaissance work. 

His practice has led him to work on a wide variety of mineral deposit types, both for major companies and juniors, spanning over fifteen countries.

Jean is the recipient of the 2017 Nicolas Denys Medal, awarded to recognize the career of a prospector who, through years of dedicated work, has made a significant contribution to the development of prospecting and mining exploration in Quebec. He is highly regarded in his field for his professionalism, unwavering ethics, and pragmatism.

How it

1 Targeting

In addition to utilizing public data, we go above and beyond by exploring uncaptured information. Every winter, hundreds of hours are dedicated to analyzing geological reports, historical drilling logs and reprocessing geophysical data. Thanks to our diverse experience, we uniquely interpret this information.

2 On-site verification

The majority of generated projects are then visited and undergo basic prospecting work. Initial concepts are either validated or invalidated as the case may be. Nearly 75% of the initial projects are eliminated at this stage!

3 Proposal

The selected projects are then showcased on the Ressources Tectonic website, where a brief description summarizes the features of the available projects.

4 Contact

Contact us to receive details about our projects through a presentation document. We're always available to discuss geology and potential with no obligation. A quick phone call could keep you informed about upcoming projects in the pipeline.

Our properties

We offer carefully selected exploration properties for their potential. The majority of these properties have undergone prospecting work and surface target verification by Tectonic following comprehensive compilation.

The available properties cover a wide spectrum of commodities and development stages.

Clients and Partners